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GLOBUS Institute

GLOBUS Core Team at TH Köln

Prof. Dr. Harald Sander (Image: Costa Belibasakis/TH Köln)

Prof. Dr. Harald Sander

GLOBUS Director Prof. Dr. Harald Sander is founder and managing director of GLOBUS. He is a Professor of International Economics at TH Köln and has published extensively in the areas of international trade, international finance and banking market integration. His most recent research focuses on Europe’s changing role in the global economy and sustainable global finance.

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Heuchemer (Image: Costa Belibasakis/TH Köln)

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Heuchemer

GLOBUS Co-Director Prof. Dr. Sylvia Heuchemer is a founding member of GLOBUS and a Professor of Economics and Quantitative Methods. Her research focuses on the role of culture in the economy. Currently, she is serving as TH Köln Vice President for Academic Affairs. She is a strong advocate of internationalization of higher education.

Steffen Wolfer (Image: private)

Steffen Wolfer

Steffen Wolfer is working as a research associate at the GLOBUS Institute and the Schmalenbach School of Business and Economics. His research focus is on (eco-)innovation strategies and management in China, internationalization, and sustainable development.

Prof. Dr. Ridwan Dewayanto Rusli (Image: Heike Fischer/TH Köln)

Prof. Dr. Ridwan D. Rusli

Prof. Dr. Ridwan D. Rusli is Co-Director of the GlobalMBA program, which he represents in the GLOBUS Institute. His research interests include: financing and regulation; international strategy; environmental policy; innovation and M&A; energy, infrastructure, and natural resources.

Core Partner Institutions

University of North Florida (USA)

The Coggin College of Business of the University of North Florida (UNF) has been the first partner joining the GLOBUS network. UNF has long maintained high quality standards for academic education. An outstanding team of 90 faculty and staff prepares students for the business world's dynamic challenges. Key to success of the college has been its close contact with North Florida's business leaders; who devote their time, experience and resources to its students and programs. UNF is part of the GlobalMBA program.

University of Warsaw (Poland)

The University of Warsaw (UW), established in 1816, is Poland's largest and best university. From the very beginning the University of Warsaw has played a major role in the intellectual, political and cultural life of Poland. It has been recognized throughout the world as a leading academic center in the heart of Europe. UW is part of the GlobalMBA program.

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (China)

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE) is a first-rate higher education institution of economics and management in China. It was founded in 1952. DUFE consists of 30 schools and institutions with 20,000 students. The university has established cooperative relations with 59 foreign universities in 14 countries. The School of International Business (SIB) was founded in 2002 to create a learning platform for students to succeed in a global business environment. DUFE is part of the GlobalMBA program.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology RMIT (Australia)

The Australian RMIT School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, located in Melbourne, maintains high quality, innovative teaching programs that continue to respond to industry needs. Responsible for all the economics, marketing, statistics and corporate finance programs offered at RMIT Business, the School also provides instruction in these areas to non-business schools in the University.