Exchange semester at TH Köln for students of Ukrainian universities

TH Köln offers refugee students from Ukraine the opportunity to enroll as Free Movers in the summer semester 2023. This is subject to their academic and linguistic suitability.

+ What does it mean to study at TH Köln as a Free Mover?

Free Movers are exchange students who can study at TH Köln without a bilateral university agreement between TH Köln and their home university.

Important: During such a stay, Free Mover cannot obtain a Bachelor's or Master's degree at TH Köln. However, you can participate in the exams of the modules you take. We therefore recomment that you take courses that are accepted at your home university and can later be credited to the degree program you started there.

Please also note that for some courses of study your subject-specific qualification must be checked before you can be accepted.

+ Who can apply for a Free Mover semester?

You can apply for a Free Mover stay within the framework of the Ukraine program, if:

  • you are currently enrolled or have been enrolled on Feb 24, 2022 at a Ukrainian university recognized in Germany and have not yet received your degree, and
  • if you have the necessary language skills (B1 German for German-language degree programs, B1 English for English-language degree programs).

+ Necessary language skills

As a rule, you must demonstrate language skills in German or English at level B1 according to the European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Which language skills you need depends on the language of instruction of the receiving faculty.

TH Köln is currently checking whether it is possible for you to participate in the language courses accompanying your studies as a Free Mover. If participation in the language courses is possible, you will receive further information with your enrollment.

+ How do I apply as a Free Mover?

It is currently not possible to apply.

+ In which degree programs can I study as a Free Mover?

An overview of the possible study programs can be found in our list. You will also find the links to the faculties and the study programs as well as information about the required language skills in the document.

+ What else do I have to consider when applying as a Free Mover?

Please note, that as a Free Mover you must have sufficient health insurance coverage and a valid residence permit. Please check Questions and answers on the legal residence status of persons who have fled from Ukraine.

If you have a residence permit according to §24 of the Residence Act, please clarify with the Jobcenter beforehand whether you are allowed to enroll as an exchange student. Otherwise, the Jobcenter may reduce your support or, in the worst case, cancel it altogether.

If you are still in Ukraine at the time of your application, please be aware that you will need to provide health insurance coverage and a residence permit once you are in Germany. You also have to clarify with the Jobcenter whether you are allowed to stay enrolled as an exchange student at all.

If you do not have Ukrainian citizenship, please note that you will have to finance your living expenses yourself and apply for a residence title according to §16b.

+ I prefer to complete a full course of study or a language course at TH Köln.

If you are interested in completing a full course of study or a language course at TH Köln or if you want to continue your Ukrainian studies at TH Köln and graduate from TH Köln, you have several options.

You are welcome to use the contact form to get in touch with us for more information.

+ Semester fee

TH Köln will pay the semester fee for the first semester at TH Köln for students with refugee status in Germany. This applies to:

  • persons entitled to asylum, recognised refugees, persons entitled to subsidiary protection, persons with protection against deportation and persons with a comparable residency status (residency under §§ 25 para. 1-3, 22, 23 para. 1 and 2, 23 para. 4, 23a or 25 para. 4, 25 Abs. 5 AufenthG),

  • persons with residency status under § 24 AufenthG,

  • persons who have received a rejection in the asylum procedure conducted by the BAMF, but whose deportation has been temporarily suspended (temporary suspension of deportation – tolerated stay under § 60a para. 2 AufenthG),

  • relatives of recognised refugees they followed if they can provide the residency permit of the principal person entitled (the first relative to enter the country) (§§ 29, 30, 31, 32, 34 para. 1, 35 para. 2, 36 AufenthG).

For any further semester, you must pay the fee yourself, regardless of your residence or student status.

January 2023