International Partnerships

Close relationships are cultivated not only within the German post-secondary education landscape, but also with other, international institutions. TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences currently has partnerships with about 290 universities abroad and supports student mobility via a wide range of study/stay abroad and related financial support options.

There are plenty of ways to go abroad. The following map gives you an overview of all European as well as global universities, with whom TH Köln cooperates in the field of student and/or staff exchange.

University-wide partner universities
To view university-wide partner universities – meaning those universities students from all faculties can apply for – please proceed as follows: In the “program” field, please select the option “global mobility”. You may then limit your search options to “hochschulweite Kooperationen” in the “study area” field.

Exchange with Russia

TH Köln and other universities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia have reached an agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Science to suspend academic relations with Russia until further notice. The DAAD has also restricted scientific exchange with Russia, stopped applications for Russia scholarships and canceled selections for DAAD scholarships to Russia. TH Köln is pausing student mobility with Russia and it is currently not possible to apply for the exchange places there.

Information for our Erasmus-Partners

Our National Agency has informed us, that all Erasmus+ (KA 103) Interinstitutional Agreements will be automatically extended and consequently valid for an extra academic year (2021/2022) without the need to having them formally renewed.

Therefore please consider our Interinstitutional Agreement(s) valid until 2022, without any further formalities.

If you do not agree with this extension, please contact us uby email to .

In all other cases, we will assume that you agree with the automatic renewal for 2021/22 .

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that during 2021 all Interinstitutional Agreements of TH Köln will be reviewed and evaluated, in order to establish more solid and fruitful agreements with all partner universities for the new program period of Erasmus+ (2022 – 2027).

We will contact all our partners in due time, in order to inform you about our decision regarding these agreements. We are working with Mobility Online and would welcome testing the new EWP tools with you."

Partner Universities of TH Köln

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Partner Universities