Exchange at the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences

Important information for your exchange semester at the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences.

Departmental Coordinator

Andreas Krupa

Andreas Krupa

  • Room 5
  • Phone: +49 221-8275-3054

Courses at the CICS

To select the lectures / seminars for your Erasmus study at the CICS please note that the courses are not offered each semester but alternate over a period of two years.

Please consult the information on the structure of the curriculum below and the schedule for the years 2016 – 2019.

The classes are divided into practice and theoretical courses.

A central part of the program are the practical courses of conservation / restoration organised according to the respective specialisations (paintings, polychrome sculpture & modern art; wall painting & stone conservation; wooden objects & modern materials; graphics, archivals, photo & book illumination; textiles & archaeological fibres). The specific topics of these courses (signaled in the curriculum by the colour red) alternate over two years (first to fourth semester) or yearly (fifth semester; the sixth semester is mostly devoted to the BA-thesis). (8 Credits)

The “red” practical courses are complemented by seminars and lectures on theoretical issues of conservation / restoration relevant to the respective practical course (signaled in the curriculum by the colour yellow). Contrary to the practical courses these lectures are generally open to students of each specialisation. The “yellow” lectures always comprise one more general course, e.g. „Conservation ethics“. Again these lectures alternate over a period of two years (each semester 4 courses with 2 credits each).

The program comprises also courses for all students in art history, chemistry, microbiology, and environment which alternate annually (signaled by the colour green; 2-3 credits for each course).

Additional courses (signaled by the colour orange) are offered to provide professional skills like photography, documentation etc. (2 credits each).


GSM – restoration / conservation of paintings, polychromed sculpture and modern art
WS – restoration / conservation of wall paintings and stone objects
HOM – restoration / conservation of objects from wood and modern materials
SGB – restoration / conservation of graphics, archivals, foto and book illumination
TAF – restoration / conservation of textiles and archaeological fibres