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Natural Resources Management and Development (Master's program)

NRM (Image: ITT)

Global population, economic growth and on-going environmental deterioration put increasing pressure on the existing natural systems. Their ability to provide renewable resources such as food, water and energy is at risk and waning. This calls for specialists and leadership in order to develop and employ managerial, economical, governance, and technical solutions.

The profile of the Master's program is application-oriented. The aim is to educate experts in the field of natural resources management. This requires a diversification of their knowledge and leads to the capability of cross-linked thinking. The answer to complex environment related problems requires economic and managerial competencies more than classical technical knowledge.
The consolidation of different disciplines has not only a methodological dimension but also a cultural and a human one since interdisciplinary team work requires capacities of sharing knowledge and effective communication.

Therefore, the study objectives are focused on

  • achieving a consistent and fundamental understanding of natural and social systems as a basis for the sustainable management of renewable natural resources;
  • defining and analyzing the risks and problems related to inadequate resource uses (land use, overconsumption);
  • selecting and applying the appropriate analytical tools, proper policies and management measures in a given economic, cultural, legal and environmental context on national to local scales;
  • selecting and applying the available resources allocation mechanisms (economic, spatial and strategic planning, political negotiations) in a problem-solving/oriented manner;
  • managing projects and processes related to natural resources management;
  • communicating effectively in multi-stakeholder, intercultural environments with all strata of society;

The Master Program is offered in two lines

Single Degree Master Program NRM International
The two year program is held in Germany. During the third semester of study students have the opportunity to study abroad at international partner universities (Cooperation partners of TH Köln).

Double Degree Master Program in cooperation with Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Mexico (ENREM)
The two year Double-Degree Master Program (to be known as "Environment and Resources Management – ENREM") is building on the two accredited master programs of the cooperating universities in Mexico and in Germany with Spanish and English as languages of instruction. The first two semesters take place in Mexico and the third semester in Germany. The fourth semester is dedicated to the Master's thesis with focus on the Latin American and Caribbean Region.

At a Glance

Category Description
Program Natural Resources Management and Development 
Degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) 
Type of program Full-time program 
Beginning of program Winter semester 
Program duration 4 semesters 
Language of instruction English 
Campus Deutz Campus 
Restricted admission No 
Accreditation program accredited until Sep 30, 2022