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If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student and Examination Services on your campus:

Enrollment Documents - Admission with Advanced Standing

All relevant forms, documents and information for your enrollment with advanced standing are available for download below.

a) Forms and information documents for your enrollment

1. In order to enroll, please print all forms below (except the key table). The forms must filled in completely. Do not forget to sign the forms. 

Enrollment form

Keys table (for enrollment form)
The keys table does not need to be submitted to TH Köln, it is only used to complete the enrollment form. Please consider the environment before printing.

Resume form

MultiCa form

Letter of authorization
If you want to appoint a third person to carry out the enrollment procedure on your behalf you need to authorize that person to do so (see sample document).

2. Please download the information documents below.
The documents below are for your information and do not need to be submitted to TH Köln. Please make sure to read the information but consider the environment before printing. 

Important information regarding your proof of health insurance:
Please request a “health insurance certificate for university enrollment purposes” (Versicherungsbescheinigung für die Einschreibung an der Hochschule, see sample below). Membership certificates are not sufficient.

Health insurance info incl. sample document

Semester fees information
Privacy policy

4. This form is only applicable for students enrolled in the continuing education Master’s programs in Library and Information Science, Game Development and Research, Insurance Law and Web Science.
Request for an exemption from the student body

b) Enrollment checklists

The enrollment checklists specify which documents are required to enroll at TH Köln.

Please select your program below to view your checklist. Make sure to read it carefully and follow the instructions.

Please note that not all checklists are available in English. If you cannot find an enrollment checklist for your program below, please switch to the German website.