Presidential Board welcomes doctoral researchers of the year 2023 and their supervisors

On Thursday, 7 December 2023, Prof. Dr Stefan Herzig, President of TH Köln and Prof. Dr Klaus Becker, Vice President for Research and Knowledge Transfer, invited the doctoral graduates of 2023 and their supervisors to the Senate Hall of TH Köln to personally congratulate them on their success.

Prof. Dr Herzig welcomed those present to this year's third reception in a small, personal setting and emphasised the achievements of the doctoral candidates, which go far beyond their contribution to their subject areas. Prof Dr Becker also thanked the doctoral supervisors for accompanying the researchers on their journey. Thanks to the quality of the applied research at TH Köln and the successful cooperation with universities in Germany and abroad in the supervision of doctorates, it has been possible to complete a doctorate at TH Köln this year under the independent doctoral programme of the Graduate School for Applied Research in North Rhine-Westphalia (PK NRW).

The five honoured doctoral graduates from the Faculties of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology, Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems, Applied Natural Sciences, Automotive Systems and Production as well as Process Engineering, Energy and Mechanical Systems presented their diverse doctoral topics and further career paths to those present, some of which are at TH Köln and some outside the university, and provided a great deal to talk about at the champagne reception that followed in the Senate Hall.

Completed doctorates in 2023 (available in German)

  •     Patrick Josef Heinrich Beuel (supervisor: Prof. Dr Christiane Rieker)
  •     Timo Breuer (supervisor: Prof Dr Philipp Schaer)
  •     Anna Coenen (supervisor: Prof Dr Ulrich Schörken)
  •     Lionel Clasing (supervisor: Prof Dr Ulf Blieske)
  •     René Degen (supervisor: Prof Dr Margot Ruschitzka)
  •     Isabelle Dembach (supervisor: Prof Dr Volker Stölting)
  •     Andreas Fischbach (supervisor: Prof Dr Thomas Bartz-Beielstein)
  •     Valentin Gala Marti (supervisor: Prof Dr Ulrich Schörken)
  •     Stefan Lukas Peters (supervisor: Prof Dr Sherif El Sheikh)
  •     Jamila Franca Rosengarten (supervisor: Prof Dr Jörn Stitz)
  •     Anna Kristina Sailer (supervisor: Prof Dr Sigrid Leitner)
  •     Scarlet La Shea Schaffrath (supervisor: Prof Dr Isabel Zorn)
  •     Niklas Stobernack (supervisor: Prof Dr Christian Malek)
  •     Natalie Tschorn (supervisor: Prof Dr Jörn Stitz)
  •     Yasemin van Heuvel (supervisor: Prof Dr Jörn Stitz)
  •     Martin Voßwinkel (supervisor: Prof Dr Andreas Lohner)
  •     Johannes Wörtge (supervisors: Prof Dr Stephan Freichel, Prof Dr Markus Pütz)
  •     Felix Constantin Wolfrum (supervisor: Prof Dr Yvonne-Beatrice Böhler)
  •     Jonas Zimmer (supervisor: Prof Dr Gundolf Freyermuth)

December 2023

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