Prof. Dr. Tim Schubert

Prof. Dr. Tim Schubert

Campus Deutz
Betzdorfer Straße 2
50679 Köln
Room 1 W 144 Mailing address

  • Phone: +49 221-8275-4575


  • Institute Director
  • Well-established carbon nanomaterials: modification, characterization and dispersion in different solvents
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  • The Optimization of Dispersion and Application Techniques for Nanocarbon- Doped Mixed Matrix Gas Separation Membranes
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  • CO2 / CH4 and He / N2 separation properties and water permeability valuation of mixed matrix MWCNTs based cellulose acetate flat sheet membranes: A study of the optimization of the filler material dispersion method
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  • The Synthesis of Ru/CNF Colloidal Catalysts. Comparison of Ex-situ and In-situ Methods
    Demidova, Yuliya S.; Simakova, Irina; Schubert, Tim; Murzin, Dmitry, Materials today Proceedings Jg. 4 Nr. 11, S. 11364–11370. · 2017
  • Controlled synthesis of PVP-based carbon supported Ru nanoparticles: synthesis approaches, characterization, capping agent removal and catalytic behavior
    Simakova, I.; Demidova, Y.; Glaesel, J.; Murzina, E.; Schubert, T.; Prosvirin, P.; Etzold, B., Murzin, D., Catalysis Science & Technology · 2016
  • Enhancement of proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance by doping microporous layers of gas diffusion layers with multiwall carbon nanotubes
    Schweiss, R.; Steeb, M.; Wilde, P.M.; Schubert, T., Journal of Power Sources 220:79–83 · December 2012
  • Performance of carbon nanomaterial (nanotubes and nanofibres) supported platinum and palladium catalysts for the hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde and of 1-octyne
    Jung, A.; Jess, A.; Schubert, T.; Schütz, W., Applied Catalysis A General 362(1):95-105 · June 2009
  • Gasdiffusionsschicht mit verbesserter elektrischer Leitfähigkeit und Gasdurchlässigkeit
    P. Wilde, R. Schweiss, S. Forero, M. Haberkorn, T. Schubert, WO2013/041393. (2013)
  • Klebstoffmaterial mit Kohlenstoffmaterial sowie Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung und Verwendung
    T. Schubert, T. Meinen, WO 2012/107548 (2012)
  • Katalysatormaterial und Verfahren zur Herstellung von geträgertem Katalysatormaterial
    T. Schubert, DE 103 35 355 2012.05.31. (2012)
  • Verfahren zur Abscheidung von Schichten auf einem Substrat
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  • Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Verbundwerkstoffs sowie Verbundwerkstoff; Verbundwerkstoffkörper und Anschlussvorrichtung
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  • Gas diffusion layer with improved electrical conductivity and gas permeability and process of making the gas diffusion layer
    Wilde, P.; Schweiss, R.; Forero, S.; Haberkorn, M.; Schubert, T., CA2849435C · (Oktober 2018)
  • Adhesive material with carbon material and method for its production and use
    T. Schubert, T. Meinen, C. Zenkel, US 2014/0034231 A1 (2014)
  • Circular Transformation Lab Cologne (CTLC) at TH Köln