Andreas Schwenk

Faculty of Information, Media and Electrical Engineering

Institute of Communications Engineering

Office hours

Consulting in the field of computer science and algorithmic mathematics

Campus Deutz, Betzdorfer Str. 2, Room ZN 6-21
at any time by appointment by e-mail / telephone. I can also be reached in the home office via the above telephone number.


  • PhD student at the University of Cologne, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics/Computer Science
  • Deputy board member of the Institute for Communications Engineering (2022-2024)


  • Research assistant in the "mathe:buddy" project - a gamified learning app for higher mathematics
  • Lecturer

Teaching disciplines

  • Compiler Construction and Domain-Specific Languages link
  • Support in mathematics link

Research fields

  • Compiler Construction and Domain-Specific Languages
  • Domain-Specific Languages for E-assessment
  • Modeling and optimization with applications in compiler construction
  • mathe:buddy (FREIRAUM) (2022-2024)
    A gamified app for advanced mathematics
  • Digital question pool mathematics (digiFellow) (2021-2022)
    competence-oriented digital testing
  • (2019-2022)
    Digitale Hochschule NRW: Cross-university online course for higher engineering mathematics (former project employee)
  • ES-Flex-Infra (2016-2019)
    Modeling and optimization of the coupling of energy sectors to make the energy infrastructure more flexible (former project member; project completed)
  • SensorCloud (involved: 2013-2015)
    Team VisionSensor (former project member; project completed)
  • On the Spectral-Based Reduction of the Computational Demand for the Prediction Phase in Image Classification with Artificial Neural Networks
    Andreas Schwenk, 2020-08, Publisher: World Scientific
  • Visual Perception and Analysis as First Steps Toward Human-Robot Chess Playing
    Andreas Schwenk, Chunrong Yuan, 2015-12, Publisher: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Springer Verlag
  • A New Domain-Specific Language for Rapid Modeling of Cross-Energy Systems
    Andreas Schwenk, 2017-10, Publisher: IEEE
  • A New Web–Based Cross–Energy Optimization and Simulation Environment
    Andreas Schwenk et. al., 2018-07, Publisher: IEEE
  • FPGA accelerated Video-Compression for Cloud–based Vision Sensors
    Andreas Schwenk, Lothar Thieling, Georg Hartung, Gregor Büchel, 2015-03, Publisher: IEEE
  • On the Problem Class of Optimal Technology Implementation into a Multisectoral Energy System (OTIMES)
    Andreas Schwenk, 07.2019
  • A Green Energy Grid Coupling Problem (GEGCP)
    Andreas Schwenk, Hubert Randerath, 06.2018
  • Design and Optimization of a new bio-inspired General Purpose Neural-Computing Architecture for massive Parallelization implemented on a Field Programmable Gate Array
    Andreas Schwenk, 2015
  • Design and Implementation of a Knowledge Acquisition System for Automated Ontology Synthesis
    Andreas Schwenk, 2014
  • Klassifizierung von Mathematik-Aufgaben und Entwicklung eines digitalen Aufgabenpools
    Schmitz, Angela; Knospe, Heiko; Schmidt, Jan-Philipp; Reissner, Jan; Schwenk, Andreas; Graf, Patricia Maria, 2022
  • Best in class in "Bachelor Technical Computer Science" (June 2013)