Communication Systems and Networks (Master) – Career Options

Graduates of the Master's program in Communication Systems and Networks have ample opportunities on the labor market. They are able to plan and develop new communication technology systems and can adjust them according to user demands. Their product and application-oriented way of thinking combined with specialized technical knowledge and expertise is they key to innovative solutions.

Program graduates will be able to find jobs in a large number of different industries, the public sector, or in research. Ecample activities comprise:

  • evaluation, analysis and evaluation of procedures and methods
  • development of devices, components, protocols and application
  • assessment and evaluation of communication systems and standards
  • design and implementation of modern communication systems and networks
  • project management
  • sales and marketing of IT products
  • consulting and training of user and clients

Job opportunities for Master  graduates come from the mobile radio and telecom sector, companies which provide telecom components and installations, consumer electronics, mechanical engineering and automobile industries, research centers, and public authorities.