Michael Krüttgen

Faculty of Process Engineering, Energy and Mechanical Systems

Institute of Building Services Engineering

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Campus Deutz, Betzdorfer Str. 2, Room HW 1.71 oder Webmeeting per Teams / Mobil
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  • Research Associate

Research fields

  • Building Performance: Automated evaluation of the performance of buildings
  • Modular building automation: Development of a modular building automation solution based on the Module Type Package (MTP)
  • OptGA4.0
    Optimisation of engineering processes for municipal building automation on the basis of standardised system types and information models
  • Process-orientated building automation
    Standardisation of TGA components for process-related building automation in the Industry 4.0 environment

Article in brochure

  • Module Type Package - Ein modulares Zukunftskonzept für verschiedene Branchen: Artikel: MTP IN DER GEBÄUDEAUTOMATION-STANDARDS SETZEN, HERSTELLERUNABHÄNGIG AGIEREN
    Krüttgen, Michael, 2022, Publisher: Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co.KG, Hansastr. 27, 32423 Minden
    Today's production environment is characterised by rapid change and the demands on machine builders and plant operators are constantly changing. In the context of modular automation, the "Module Type Package" (MTP) has taken on a crucial key function, as it enables both integrators and end users to act flexibly and quickly and thus react quickly to changes. But what are the benefits of the Module Type Package in addition to its traditional use in the process industry? In our free report, four experts provide you with valuable inspiration on the respective areas of application.
    Module Type Package - A modular future concept for various industries

Technical article / Main article-Work in progress

  • atp-Hauptbeitrag: Informationstechnische Standardisierung prozessnaher TGA - Optimierung des Engineerings für Planung und Betrieb
    Michael Göbel (Bayer AG), Jörg Schauß (Böhringer Ingelheim), Sebastian Penndorf (BASF), Michael Krüttgen (TH Köln), Jochen Müller (TH Köln), 2024, Publisher: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH
    In practice, there is a lack of basic specifications and standards for the information technology mapping of process-related MEP and BA. A lack of accessibility and availability of standardised information makes engineering and operation more difficult. In 2024, the NE196 will be published with a device profile of digital twins, relating to the aspects of process control, simulation and plant asset management, based on the cross-lifecycle information model of the I4.0 asset administration shell. The effort required for data handling is reduced and rule-based applications become possible.
    atp main contribution: Information technology standardisation of process-related MEP
  • Krüttgen, Michael; Müller, Jochen (2023): Entwicklung eines xml-basierten TGA-Geräteprofils zur informationstechnischen Standardisierung von Assets der prozessnahen GA. In: Automation 2023 : Transformation by Automation. 24. Leitkongress der Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik; Baden-Baden, Germany; 27.06.-28.06.2023., S. 903 - 914. (peer-reviewed)
  • Krüttgen, Michael; Müller, Jochen (2022): Applying MTP-Concept for the Standardization of Building Automation and Control Systems. In: Proceedings CLIMA 2022 : The 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress. 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress ; Rotterdam ; 22.05.-25.05.2022., S. 2186 - 2192. (peer-reviewed/Open Access)
  • Krüttgen, Michael; Müller, Jochen (2021): I4.0-Verwaltungsschalen als Wegbereiter für optimierte Engineering- und Betriebsprozesse in der prozessnahen Gebäudeautomation. In: Automation 2021 : Navigating towards Resilient Production. 22. Leitkongress der Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik; Online; 29.06.-30.06.2021., S. 221 - 234. (peer-reviewed)
2009 until 2014 Krüttgen Elektrotechnik
Self-employed tradesman in the field of electrical engineering and building systems technology in residential buildings
2012 until 2016 Fachhochschule Südwestfalen - University of applied Science
Study Bachelor of Engineering as Industrial Engineer - Building Systems Technology
2016-2017 Technische Hochschule Köln - University of applied Science
Master of Engineering Green Building Engineering
Since 2016 Krüttgen Energietechnik
Consultancy and implementation of electrical and building technology systems with a focus on building systems technology and building automation
2016 until 2018 Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW
Project employee as client representative for the construction and operation of public buildings in the field of building automation
Since 2018 Drees & Sommer SE
Senior consultant in technical and economic construction consulting in the field of building automation and commissioning management
Since 2020 Technische Hochschule Köln - University of applied Science
Research associate in the laboratory for building automation and control technology Laboratory for building automation and control technology