Prof. Dr. Matthias Hochgürtel

Dr. rer. nat.
Prof. Dr. Matthias Hochgürtel

Campus Leverkusen
Campusplatz 1
51379 Leverkusen
Room 1038 Mailing address

  • Phone: +49 214-32831-4613


  • Dean
  • Member of the Senate
  • Member of the University Conferenz (HK)
  • Member of the Faculty Council (FK)
  • Member of the Standing Commission for Teaching, Studies and Study Reform (SK1)
  • Member of the Standing Commission for the Strategic Steering of University-wide Ideas and Projects with IT Content (SK4)
  • Board Member Center for Teaching Development (ZLE)
  • Member of the Central Quality Improvement Commission (ZQVK)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Research Institute Innovative Medicinal Products for the Ageing Society (FoI InnovAGe)
  • Spokesperson of the Research Field Drug Discovery

Teaching disciplines

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Analytics
  • Drug Design
  • Organic Chemistry

Research fields

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Development of Drug Discovery Technologies - Fragment-based Drug Discovery
  • Natural Product Chemistry - Marine Natural Products
  • Movahhed, Sohajl; Westphal, Julia; Kempa, Alexander; Schumacher, Christian Eric; Sperlich, Julia; Neudörfl, Jörg-Martin; Teusch, Nicole; Hochgürtel, Matthias; Schmalz, Hans-Günther (2021): Total Synthesis of (+)-Erogorgiaene and the Pseudopterosin A−F Aglycone via Enantioselective Cobalt-Catalyzed Hydrovinylation. In: Chemistry - A European Journal. Vol. 27, S. 11574 - 11579. (peer-reviewed/Open Access)
  • Nolte, Johannes; Kempa, Alexander; Hochgürtel, Matthias; Schörken, Ulrich (2020): Glucansucrases from Lactic Acid Bacteria as Biocatalysts for Multi-Ring Catechol Glucosylation. In: Biocatalysis and Biotransformation : Official Journal of the Working Party on Applied Biocatalysis of the European Federation of Biotechnology. Vol. 39, S. 48 - 60. (peer-reviewed)
  • Nolte, Johannes; Kempa, Alexander; Schlockermann, Arne; Hochgürtel, Matthias; Schörken, Ulrich (2019): Glycosylation of Caffeic Acid and Structural Analogues Catalyzed by Novel Glucansucrases. (peer-reviewed)
  • Böhler, Yvonne-Beatrice; El Sheikh, Sherif; Hirsch, Richard; Hochgürtel, Matthias; Teusch, Nicole (2016): Pharmevolution – Wie forscht die pharmazeutische Industrie? Ein interdisziplinäres Simulationsprojekt. In: Berendt, Brigitte; Fleischmann, Andreas; Schaper, Niclas; Szczyrba, Birgit; Wildt, Johannes (Hrsg.): Neues Handbuch Hochschullehre : Lehren und Lernen effizient gestalten. Berlin: DUZ Verlags- und Medienhaus GmbH (76). (peer-reviewed)