Bereiche INT (Bild: TH Köln)

Areas in the Institute of Computer and Communication Technology

In the areas of the institute, students can apply their knowledge practically. This takes place both in the practical courses of the individual subjects, as well as in projects accompanying the studies and in theses. Theses and other projects are also carried out in cooperation with external partners.

Each of the areas listed below has its own laboratory, so that not only the range of courses but also the laboratory facilities cover a wide spectrum.

List of all areas in the Institute of Computer and Coommunication Technology:

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Data Networks
  • Digital Communication Technology and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digital Signal Processing and Control Engineering
  • Digital Technology / Computer Engineering / Robotics
  • Fundamentals and Measurement
  • High frequency technology
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Circuit technology
  • Technical acoustics