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Information on the coronavirus (Covid-19)

As of February 1, 2023 the regulations to prevent the spread of Covid infections have been dropped. As a result, there will no longer be any Covid-related restrictions at TH Köln. It is your personal decision whether you wear a mask or not.

General regulations

Even though offical regulations have been dropped, TH Köln still recommends wearing masks and ventilating rooms regularly. From our experience, these are two very effective measures to protect yourself and others, especially in crowded rooms or during the Carnival season.

+ Systematic ventilation

TH Köln recommends ventilating rooms regularly. CO2 monitors are available to measure the CO2 concentration in a room and thus have a reference point for ventilation intervals. Rooms must be ventilated as soon as the CO2 concentration exceeds 1500 ppm at the latest. Classes can either continue or be briefly pause while rooms are ventilated.

Teaching operations

Classes of the winter semester 2022/23 are to take place mainly on campus. Students will be provided details on semester schedules by their faculty.

Even though the Offices of Student Services are open again for walk-ins, we recommend submitting applications and requests by email whenever possible.
How to submit forms to the Office of Student Services by email: 

  • Please complete and sign the respective forms at home. Then use your university email account (smail) to send a scan or picture of the form(s)/request(s). 
    Please note: It must be recognizable that the document carries a handwritten signature. It is not sufficent to electronically  insert a scanned version of your signature into the document.
  • Registrations for Bachelor’s or Master’s theses can also be sent by email to the responsible Office of Student Services. Please indicate if your registration request should be forwarded to your thesis advisor or be returned to you.
  • Any certificates, confirmations or other documents issued by TH Köln can be sent to you by mail. Please provide your current mailing address and make sure your mailing address in CaMS is up to date.

Standard program duration (“Regelstudienzeit”) /  BAföG

Based on a regulation released by the state government, TH Köln has increased the individualized standard program duration for the following semesters:

  • summer semester 2020
  • winter semester 2020/21
  • summer semester 2021
  • winter semester 2021/22

For students and cross-registered students (Zweithörer) who were enrolled at TH Köln during at least one of the above mentioned semesters, the individualized standard program duration has been increased by one semester for each semester that they were enrolled during the above mentioned period.
BAföG certificates which are available for download in CaMS show the amended individualized standard program duration.

February 2023

Information for employees and teaching staff

TH Köln intern

Information for employees can be found on the internal web page.

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Information regarding business operations will be provided on the internal web page.