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Prof. Dr. Harald Sander

Prof. Dr. Harald Sander

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Summer Schools – Jean Monnet Chair

The Jean Monnet Chair together with the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law offers summer schools on European studies. In these summer schools non-European students will meet European students at TH Köln and work together on current European economic issues in a setting of project- and research-based learning.

Two summer schools are being offered on a yearly base:

  • In Januar a two-weeks summer school is offered especially for Australian students from RMIT-University on “European Economy and Business”. TH Köln students of a 6 ECTS course on “European Economy and Finance” will join classes.
  • In May/June a four weeks summer school for American and other non-European students is offered. This summer school offers two courses, one on “Global and European Trade” and one exposing students to the “European Business Environment”. TH Köln students of a 6 ECTS course on “Global and European Trade” will join classes. This summer school is open to applications.
Erasmus+ (Image: (Image: TH Köln)
Participants of the Summer School 2018 Participants of the Summer School 2018 (Image: Lukas Gawlik)

Participants of the Summer School 2018 from UNF arrived at TH Köln

This time the TH Köln welcomes 11 students from the University of Florida, who take part in the Summer School program led by Prof. Dr. Sander. Next to number of lectures, the students will be able to experience the European cultural and business environment through various field trips. A special focus will be laid upon  the topic of possible trade war scenarios, which will be researched and discussed intensively.

Past Summer Schools:

Winter School 2018 Winter School 2018 (Image: Lukas Gawlik)

Winter School 2018 Successfully Finished

This semester the TH Köln was happy to welcome students from the RMIT in Australia as well as students from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Apart from lectures, projects and exchanging ideas, the students could attend a special lecture by Mr. Willem Noë, EU Commission - DG NEAR on „The Past, Present and Future of the European Union“. Furthermore field trips to companies in the area completed the European experience for the participants of the Winter School 2018.

Winter School 2018

Summer School 2017

On May 15th the participants for the Summer School 2017 arrived at TH Köln from UNF Florida, USA, and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, in order to take part in the Summer School program, lead by Prof. Dr. Sander. The students attended a wide-ranging program covering international trade and European business environment, as well as company visits and field trips in the area.

RMIT Study Tour 2017 RMIT Study Tour 2017 (Image: (Image: TH Köln)

Winter School for RMIT University Successfully Finished

22 students from RMIT University attended Australian students attended the winter school regularly organized by the Jean Monnet Chair at TH Köln. Next to number of lectures from Professor Sander and many colleagues from TH Köln, the students have been exposed to the European cultural and business environment through various work visits. They also had th chance to collaborate and discuss with TH Köln students. Especially issues regarding the refugee crisis, BREXIT and the future of the single market were researched and discussed intensively.


GETEUROPEAN Summer School Successfully Finished

Jointly with TH Köln students they have studied Global and European trade issues and the European business environment. A focus of their team research work was an in-depth analysis and discussion of the envisaged and controversially discussed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) between the USA and Europe. The classroom discussions have clearly revealed the different viewpoints from American and European students, but they also have shown how differences in preference and perception can be bridged in a constructive dialogue. A further highlight was the lecture by Mr. Willem Noë (top row on left) from the European Commission on the future of the European Union, which sparked intense discussions and – hopefully – deeper insights in the European policy affairs to non-European students.

  • From May 11 to June 6, 2015 32 participants from US-Universities are participating in the Summer School “Global and European Trade and European Business Environment” to work together with European students on European and global economic integration issue.
  • From January 5-16, 2015 27 Students from RMIT-University, Melbourne are visiting the Summer School “European Economy and Business Environment”.