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Prof. Dr. Harald Sander

Prof. Dr. Harald Sander

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Jean Monnet Chair “Europe in the Global Economy”

Welcome to the Jean Monnet Chair “Europe in the Global Economy” held by Prof. Dr. Harald Sander at Technische Hochschule Köln.

To secure past achievements and to prosper further, the European Union relies on the outside world as much as it needs to foster and secure European integration. Regional and global integration need to interact not only to provide markets and production locations, but also and increasingly so as a source of ideas and finally successful innovations, which are at the heart of wealth creation. Key activities of the Jean Monnet Chair are therefore:

  • Two summer schools on European integration and Europe’s role in the world economy   offered jointly to both, non-European and home institution students with a view on increasing the international student research collaboration.
  • Developing new and innovative teaching methodologies for the summer schools, which will be instrumental for offering seminars and summer school on European issues at partner universities.
  • Extending and developing research collaborations on applied European issues with partner institution of the summer schools.

Next to these core activities, the Jean Monnet Chair occasionally organizes events such as public lectures on European issues at TH Köln and gives lectures at partner universities and interested third parties.  Inquiries about possibilities for international collaboration are highly welcomed.

Erasmus+ (Image: (Image: TH Köln)


Journal of Banking and Finance Special Section “Financial Globalization and Its Spillovers” now published

March 24, 2020 - On 16 and 17 February, 2017 the EU Erasmus+ sponsored Jean-Monnet workshop on “Financial Globalization and Its Spillovers” took place at the Technische Hochschule Köln and Maastricht University, jointly organized by Joscha Beckmann, Ansgar Belke, Stefanie Kleimeier and Harald Sander. This special section of the Journal of Banking and Finance presents five papers from the workshop.

Prof. Sander's editorial (jointly written with Joscha Beckmann and Stefanie Kleimeier) presents the papers in a broader context, highlighting “the importance of bringing the finance and macroeconomic literature closer together in order to gain deeper insights into to effects of financial spillovers.”

The editorial can be openly accessed until April 28, 2020 under this LINK.

More information on the workshop on “Financial Globalization and Its Spillovers” and on other Jean-Monnet events can be obtained under this LINK.