Ulf Reinicke

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Science

Institute of General Mechanical Engineering

Campus Gummersbach
Steinmüllerallee 1
51643 Gummersbach
Room 1.248 Mailing address

  • Phone: +49 2261-8196-6507
  • Anders, Denis; Reinicke, Ulf; Baum, Markus (2023): Untersuchung der Wärmeübergangsintensivierung mit Hilfe statischer Mischer in wassergekühlten Werkzeugen, Investigation of Heat Transfer Intensification using Static Mixers in Water-cooled Tools. In: 12. SAXSIM - SAXON SIMULATION MEETING; Chemnitz, Germany; 07.03.2023. (Open Access)
  • Anders, Denis; Reinicke, Ulf; Baum, Markus (2023): Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement due to Helical Static Mixing Elements Inside Cooling Channels in Machine Tools. In: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. (peer-reviewed/Open Access)
  • Walkowiak, Marcel; Reinicke, Ulf; Anders, Denis (2022): Numerical Investigation of Different Core Topologies in Sandwich-Structured Composites Subjected to Air-Blast Impact. In: Applied Sciences : Open Access Journal. Vol. 12. (peer-reviewed/Open Access)
  • Bagheri, Samineh; Reinicke, Ulf; Anders, Denis; Konen, Wolfgang (2021): Surrogate-Assisted Optimization for Augmentation of Finite Element Techniques. In: Journal of Computational Science. Vol. 54. (peer-reviewed)