Prof. Dr. Britta Hachenberg

Dr. rer. pol.
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Schmalenbach School of Business and Economics

Prof. Dr. Britta Hachenberg

Campus Südstadt
Claudiusstraße 1
50678 Köln
Room D4.322 Mailing address

  • Phone: +49 221-8275-3016

Office hours

By prior agreement, please use

Campus Südstadt, Claudiusstr. 1, Room D4.322
Meetings are held in person, via Zoom or phone


  • Professor of Finance
  • Member of the examination board

Teaching disciplines

  • Banking Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Finance
  • Green & Sustainable Finance
  • Credit Risk Management

Research fields

  • Empirical Capital Market Research
  • Banking Regulation
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Greenium, credit rating, and the COVID-19 pandemic
    Arat, E.; Hachenberg, B.; Kiesel, F.; Schiereck, D., Journal of Asset Management (2023)
    Access to the article
  • Risks Related to Environmental, Social and Governmental Issues (ESG)
    Immel, M.; Hachenberg, B.; Kiesel, F.; Schiereck, D., Publisher: de Jong, M.; diBartolomeo, D. (2022)
    Chapter 2, pages 21 - 34, Green bonds: shades of green and brown, reprint
    Access to the publication
  • Retail investors as stumbling blocks in bond restructuring: Evidence from bondholder meetings
    Peter V.; Hachenberg B.; Schiereck D., Corporate Ownership & Control, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 169-187 (2021)
    Access to the article
  • European arbitrage CLOs and risk retention
    Bektić, D.; Hachenberg, B., European Journal of Finance, Volume 27 Issue 18, pp 1791-1803 (2021)
    Access to the article
  • Green bonds: shades of green and brown
    Immel, M.; Hachenberg, B.; Kiesel, F.; Schiereck, D., Journal of Asset Management, Volume 22 Issue 2, pp 96-109 (2021)
    Access to the article
  • Factor-based investing in government bond markets: a survey of the current state of research
    Bektić, D.; Hachenberg, B.; Schiereck, D., Journal of Asset Management, Volume 21 Issue 2, pp 94-105 (2020)
    Access to the article
  • Dieselgate and its expected consequences on the European auto ABS market
    Schiereck, D.; Hachenberg, B.; Kiesel, F., Economics Letters, Volume 171, pp 180-182 (2018)
    Access to the article
  • Are green bonds priced differently from conventional bonds?
    Hachenberg, B.; Schiereck, D., Journal of Asset Management, Volume 19 Issue 6, pp 371-383 (2018)
    Access to the article
  • The impact of expected regulatory changes: The case of banks following the 2016 U.S. election
    Hachenberg, B. Kiesel, F., Kolaric, Schiereck, D., Finance Research Letters, Volume 22, pp 268-273 (2017)
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  • CINSC - 1st Conference on International Finance; Sustainable and Climate Finance and Growth
    Presenting the paper "The green advantage of green bond issues during the COVID-19 pandemic"
    June 13th 2022
    CINSC conference
  • Green Summit Sustainability Forum Liechtenstein
    Presenting the paper "Green bonds: Are they priced differently from conventional bonds?"
    May 23rd 2017
    Link to the conference
  • Price for outstanding thesis
    Equality award, Technical University Darmstadt, Department of Law and Economics for the dissertaton "Security Pricing in Reaction to Changes in Investor Attitudes, Governance and Regulation"
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