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New publication by Christian Klemm and Wolter Pieters

Christian Klemm published together with Dr. Wolter Pieters an article in Ethics and Information Technology.

The article "Game mechanics and technological mediation: an ethical perspective on the effects of MMORPG’s" argues that discussions around video games should not only include the effect of their content (e.g. violence) but should also consider the effects of game mechanics. They analyzed ethical dimensions of behavioral game design and conclude with proposals for a better design. The paper is published as Open Access and is available here .

Christian Klemm graduaded in our Web Science programme in 2016. Dr. Wolter Pieters is assistant professor at TU Delft and was a lecturerer in "Computer Ethics" in our programme until 2015.

(repost; originally posted on 2017-02-02)

May 2019