Approval of Academic Achievements

Anerkennung von Prüfungsleistungen (Image: Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash)

Study achievements that you completed during your stay abroad can usually be credited towards your studies at TH Köln after your return. The approval of academic achievements abroad is not self-regulating.

The process of approval of academic achievements abroad is regulated independently at TH Köln in the respective faculties or institutes. In order to be able to guarantee smooth recognition, you should have clarified the approval questions with the departmental coordinator or the chairperson of the examination board of your faculty and informed yourself about the exact credit options before your departure. It is advisable to record the agreements made in writing in a Learning Agreement. Please also read the information on preparing for your stay abroad.

After completing your studies abroad, you will receive a certificate from your host university, a so-called Transcript of Records (ToR). The ToR will either be given to you before your departure or sent to you a few weeks later by post or e-mail. The ToR is often sent to the Department of International Affairs at TH Köln. If this is the case, we will contact you and inform you about the receipt of the ToR.

Then submit the transcript of records together with the learning agreement drawn up before your departure to the examination board of your faculty or institute. It is up to you whether you want to have all or only part of the study achievements made abroad approved. The examination board then decides on the approval of the course achievements and arranges for your grades to be entered.