Information on the W-remuneration

The following page summarizes all vital information on the W-remuneration (W-Besoldung) at TH Köln.

Information for newly-appointed professors

What is the remuneration (salary) made up of?

As stipulated in the currently valid remuneration chart, the basic salary is made up
of the 

W 2 base salary  (as of January 2020)

  • € 6.220,62

Family supplement (as of January 2019)

  • € 146,46 married (no child/children)
  • € 273,99 married with one child
  • € 127,53 (second child)
  • € 392,40 (each additional child)

Further increases of 1.4 percent as of 01.01.2021 have already been decided.

The previous annual bonus is included in the monthly salaries. All salary components are subject to regular salary increases. The minimum salary always comprises the W2 base salary plus the individually determined family components. Additional variable salary components may include:

  • Appointment benefits € 300        
  • Merit-based benefits after three years at the earliest

Appointment supplement
The appointment supplement is granted indefinitely. It is pensionable if the employment lasts more than two years.

The appointment supplement is negotiated with the president during the appointment process and is subject to available funds as well as the criteria listed above.TH Köln has put into place framework conditions for this purpose.

Merit-based benefits
In addition to the base salary and appointment supplements, professors may request additional benefits for extraordinary accomplishments. These benefits may at the earliest be awarded after an employment of three years at TH Köln. TH Köln has established performance criteria, which are of particular significance to the university in order to promote the development or improvement of a desired profile.
The following criteria are to be included:

  • Extraordinary accomplishments in research
  • Extraordinary accomplishments in teaching
  • Extraordinary accomplishments in art
  • Extraordinary accomplishments in continuing education
  • Extraordinary accomplishments in the promotion of young talents

Research and teaching supplements
Professors may be permitted to receive a non-pensionable supplement from private third-party funds for the duration of this funding, provided that the third party explicitly permits funding for this purpose. TH Köln shall not incur any costs for its permission of third-party funding.

Pensionability (civil servants)
Appointment and retention supplements as well as merit-based benefits are pensionable for up to 21 percent of the individual base salary of the W2-remuneration, as they are normally granted indefinitely.

Regulations regarding the employment under private-law provisions
Candidates generally cannot be employed as tenured German civil servants after the completion of their 50th year of age. They will be employed under private-law provisions instead (non-civil-servant contract) and will be remunerated analogously to W2, i.e. remuneration equal to that of a civil servant. In contrast to tenured civil servant contracts, professors employed under private-law provisions are required to pay the common social security contributions.

Variable supplements

In accordance with the executive board’s directive on the W-remuneration, variable merit-based benefits may be added to the base salary of the W2-remuneration. The process regulating these benefits at TH Köln is detailed in this directive, as is the transition from the C-remuneration to the W-remuneration.