Test facilities and measurement technology

In order to provide a first insight into our laboratory, we have compiled a list of our test facilities with the corresponding measurement technology.

  • Anechoic room
  • Multi-channel data acquisition and analysis PAK (System Müller BBM VAS)
  • Binaural measurement data recording and evaluation ARTEMIS, reproducing device PEQ V (Head Acoustics)
  • Sensors (microphones, artificial head, sound level meter, accelerometer, vibrometer, impedance head, pressure sensors, force transducer, optical rotational speed sensor)
  • Impact hammer, electrodynamic shaker
  • Sound intensity probe
  • Test facility for windows
  • 3D-coordinate measuring system on an optical basis (AICON)
  • Dx - Digital Telemetry (CAEMAX)
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Test bench for the determination of the dynamic stiffness of elastomer elements
  • Determination of center of gravity positions and inertia tensors (complex structures)
  • System test bench for fluid pumps, expansion hose lines