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Prof. Dr. Monika Krein-Kühle

Prof. Dr. Monika Krein-Kühle

Prof. Dr. Ralph Krüger

Prof. Dr. Ralph Krüger

IATIS Training Event: Corpora and Tools in Translator Training

IATIS Online/Onsite Training Event, 14 April 2015, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Translation and Multilingual Communication

The use of corpora has now found its way into both the theoretical/descriptive and applied branches of translation studies. This online event is aimed at stimulating debate on current and future trends in corpus-based translator training and critically appraising current practices.
The training event will focus on strategies, usability and technology in the use of corpora and discuss the following aspects:

1) Corpus types which are particularly relevant to translator training.

2) Corpus use for learning to translate vs. learning corpus use for translating.

3) Corpus compilation and selection criteria.

4) Contextualisation of corpus texts and of the theoretical/methodological set-up underlying corpus- based research.

5) Corpus types, e.g. Do-it-yourself corpora, high-quality translation corpora, such as the Cologne Specialized Translation Corpus (CSTC).

6) The web as a source of corpus texts; the web as a macro-corpus.

7) Situating the use of corpora in translation competence models, e.g. PACTE or EMT.

8) Corpus tools, such as corpus analysis software and Web concordancers.

The event leaders (Prof Dr Silvia Bernardini, University of Bologna, Dr Ralph Krüger, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Prof Dr Silvia Hansen-Schirra, University of Mainz) will present position papers (ca. 25 min each) covering a number of the issues suggested above and then invite discussion from participants.

Login Instructions

To access the virtual presentation room, click the following link:

On the login page, choose "Enter as a Guest". Enter a name and click "Enter Room". In the presentation room, close the popup window "Tips for using Adobe Connect for Participants" (if it is displayed). You can use the Chat window in the lower right of the screen to ask questions during the general discussion.

NOTE: In order to access the presentation room, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed. The current version can be downloaded under:

No fees will apply.