Publishing Your Research Work

Ronan Nugent, Springer


Publishing and marketing your results are key to a career in evolutionary computing. I will offer some advice on publishing books, journal articles, conference papers, and theses. I will also offer comments on developments in publishing, such as open access and author marketing. And I will be pleased to field questions, comments, and discussion from the floor.

Ronan Nugent Ronan Nugent (Bild: Ronan Nugent)


An electronics engineer by training, I developed embedded hardware and software systems for a control and communications company, and then I was a partner in a campus company developing an imaging technology. I joined Springer in 2000, where I'm an executive editor. I am responsible for a team that publishes textbooks, monographs, and handbooks in areas such as theoretical computer science, bioinspired computing, artificial intelligence, cryptography, and information security.