Climate friendly waste management in the Russian Federation

The intention of the course “Climate friendly waste management in the Russian Federation” is to convey the principles of circular economics to engineering students and to support the qualification of staff and specialists in waste management and in the respective executive authorities.

The course reflects the job-related standards according to the state-of-the art in international waste management. With respect to the foreseen successful educational outcome of this seminar, it requires a high quality of the teaching process based on new scientific findings taking into account the different background of the students.

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Kategorie Beschreibung
Forschungsprojekt Climate friendly waste management in the Russian Federation 
Leitung Prof. Kathrin Hesse 
Fakultät Fakultät für Fahrzeugsysteme und Produktion 
Institut Institut für Produktion 
Beteiligte Prof. Frank Rögener (TH Köln, Institut für Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnik), Matthias Wissing (TH Köln, IFP) 
Fördermittelgeber GIZ Eschborn/GIZ Moskau 
Laufzeit 01.12.2019 - 31.10.2020