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Faculty of Process Engineering, Energy and Mechanical Systems

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Prof. Dr. Mohieddine Jelali

Prof. Dr. Mohieddine Jelali

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Ursula Bold

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Institute of Product Development and Engineering Design

Successful products are the basis for every business success. Thus, product development and design are immensely important for mechanical engineers and play important and central roles in professional work for many engineers.

Tools and methods for developing competitive and innovative products are matters of priority at our institute. They allow us to efficiently deal with the complex modern technical systems and this knowledge is transferred to our students in our practice-oriented program. All of the important steps in the product development process from methodical problem solving to computer-controlled design, calculation, and simulation methods as well as technical documentation on to realization and metrological investigations of prototypes and products are handled in the degree program.

To provide an enhanced understanding of product development, studies are supplemented through specialization courses in selected disciplines. Our institute has established itself with extensive expertise and equipment in the disciplines drive engineering, material handling, combustion motors and turbomachines, automation, and production technology. Thus we can provide a wide range of services in addition to teaching and research. The specialization “Automation” in the master’s program deserves particular mention in this context, which, in addition to the core area of product development, can also be selected by the students.

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The Institute of Product Development and Engineering Design currently has eight professors, two professors emeriti and four lecturers on staff.

In addition to the course taught in the basics mathematics, data processing, and electrical engineering, the institute offers courses in the following disciplines:

Product Design and Manufacture:
The basic principles and research issues in designing and manufacturing components and machines are covered in lectures, seminars, labs, and theses. Work stations and employees in the labs Laboratory for Product Development and Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems are available to support students, especially during their labs. In accordance with the level of their studies, the students work on complex problems in designing and manufacturing. Great importance is placed on students applying the interdisciplinary knowledge that they have already acquired.

Virtual Product Development and Rapid Prototyping:
Besides organizational and methodical approaches, information technology (IT) plays an important role in product development and design in meeting the steadily increasing pressure of time, costs, quality, and innovation demands. The focus is on integrated computer support in the product development process by applying calculation, simulation, optimization, and verification techniques that are based on digital, realistic models (virtual prototypes), which represent the product and its functions during the entire life-cycle. Students obtain knowledge on current methods and applications in computer integrated development of technical systems and products in realistic scenarios in the Virtual Product Development Laboratory.

Mechatronics and process control problems

Engines and machines