John Deere Raupe auf einem Acker (Image: TH Köln / IBL)

Cologne Institute of Construction Machinery and Agricultural Engineering

In order to correctly satisfy and fulfil current and especially future machine requirements, sound knowledge of tractor technology, transport and conveyor technology, as well as plant production and forage harvesting technology is necessary.

Innovation and practical relevance in teaching and learning have utmost priority at IBL ("Institut für Bau- und Landmaschinentechnik"). Through close connections with partners who are market leaders in business and research, contacts with future employers can be easily and quickly established. Moreover, guest lecturers from business partners provide deeper understanding in the fields named above and impart tips and tricks from many years of professional experience.

The study programs offered at IBL are Agricultural Engineering and Construction and Building Materials Machinery:

Agricultural Engineering

This major continues the studies in mechanical engineering by specializing in agricultural engineering. Upper-class students take courses that deal with tractors and machines for harvesting, transporting, seeding, preparing, and distributing can be taken as their specialization courses. In addition, it is also possible to specialize in soil cultivation, soil remediation, recultivation, or landscape management.

Agricultural engineers provide farmers with the technical equipment they need, i.e., machines and implements such as tractors, transport and conveyor technology, plant production and the technology needed in animal husbandry as well as forage harvesting and conservation. Thus, this profession requires a background in and sound knowledge of mechanical engineering as well as agricultural production.

This results in a broad range of courses that ensure a wide range of perspectives:

  • Mechanical engineering basics in developing, designing, and manufacturing agricultural machinery
  • Agricultural basics: Production methods in the biosystem soil – plant – water – air
  • Agricultural machinery for harvesting, soil cultivation, and distribution
  • Tractor technology and terramechanics
  • Hydraulics
  • Machines and methods in earthworks, forestry, and municipal technology
  • Field tests with modern agricultural machinery

Construction and Building Materials Machinery

Closely connected to the industry:
As the first TH in Germany, students can study construction and building materials machinery at the TH Köln as of the winter semester 2015/16. There is also a special advantage: The Cologne Center for Construction Machinery (KLB) is an integral part of the institute. Under Prof. Ulrich, the team at KLB has long-standing and extensive experience in numerous projects that are carried out in close cooperation with the construction and building materials machinery industry. Via this new degree program, our expertise can be transferred to students, and targeted to the requirements of the employment market. This concept meets the specific needs of the business sector, as companies have increasingly signaled.

We carry out research for the renowned construction and building materials machinery manufacturers and users in the commuter belt of the TH Köln for whom we carry out research and provide helpful practical opportunities.