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Prof. Dr. Petra Werner

Prof. Dr. Petra Werner

Institut für Informationswissenschaft (IWS)

InTraHealth – Improving access to health care for intersex and transgender people

 (Image: Bundesministerium für Gesundheit)

The project investigates discrimination of intersex and transgender people in health care and develops and evaluates digital tools for health professionals with the aim to reduce barriers in access to health care.

InTraHealth aims to reduce experiences of discrimination and psychosocial burdens on intersex and transgender persons in health care and to remove these specific barriers to health care access. To this end, the care situation, needs and experiences of intersex and transgender persons as well as the needs of health professionals concerning the reduction of discrimination in the health care system will be examined and analysed. Subsequently an interactive, web-based self-learn environment for health professionals will be developed, tested and implemented, which will be freely available for use online after completion of the project.

At a Glance

Category Description
Research project InTraHealth 
Administration Prof. Dr. Petra Werner  Staff page
Faculty Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences  More
Institute Institute of Information Management
Institute of Information Science
Research Center ‘Digital Technologies and Social Services’ (DITES) 
Partners Prof. Dr. Christian Kohls  Staff page
Sponsors Federal Ministry of Health  More
Duration 2019 - 2022 
External Partner Prof. Dr. Gabriele Dennert, FH Dortmund (Principal Investigator)  More
External Partner Kliniken Köln  More