GeneRobot - Generational Transfer Robotics

Our project supports people in assisted living formats to keep up with ongoing technical developments. Engineering students work together with seniors to develop applications for social robots that support them in their everyday lives.

Logo GeneRobot and project team with robot "Pepper" Project team with robot "Pepper" (Image: Cologne Cobots Lab/TH Köln)

At a Glance

Category Description
Research project GeneRobot 
Administration Prof. Dr. Anja Richert 
Faculty Process Engineering, Energy and Mechanical Systems 
Institute Institute of Product Development and Engineering Design  
Persons involved Caterina Neef M.Sc.
Katharina Linden M.Sc.
Katinka Rosenfeld B.A.
Roman de Laporte M.Sc. 
Partners Diakonie Michaelshoven e.V.  More
Sponsors Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF - Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) 
Duration 24 Months 

About the Project

The participatory development is intended to increase the technology competence and acceptance of senior citizens and sensitize students to the needs of other target groups during their training. On the one hand, the project is intended to help prevent the increasing loneliness of older people due to digitalization. On the other hand, it is intended to promote an exchange at eye level between technically skilled engineering students and senior citizens interested in technology - and thus bring the generations closer together through the topic of robotics.

Aims of the project: digital participation, social participation and relief, participatory technology development Aims of the GeneRobot project (Image: Cologne Cobots Lab/TH Köln)


Diakonie Michaelshoven Pflege und Wohnen gGmbH and Cologne University of Applied Sciences welcome you to the digital kick-off event of the GeneRobot project.

There you can learn everything about the project, get an outlook on the concrete plans and goals in the trial phase and, as a real highlight, get to know the capabilities of the social robot Pepper. In addition, the seniors and students involved in the project will report on their experiences.

Please note: the video of the digital kick-off event is unfortunately only available in German.

We made it to the top 10 projects in the "Gesellschaft der Ideen" ("Society of Ideas") competition. Thank you for your support!

Our project on the "Gesellschaft der Ideen" ("Society of Ideas") website

More information about the competition can be found here:

Gesellschaft der Ideen: Competition for social innovations

Please note: the website of the "Gesellschaft der Ideen" is unfortunately only available in German.

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A Day with Pepper - the Video

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