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Prof. Dr. Philipp Schaer

Prof. Dr. Philipp Schaer

Institut für Informationswissenschaft (IWS)

STELLA - Infrastructures For Living Labs

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The STELLA project aims to create an evaluation infrastructure that allows to evaluate search and recommendation services within productive web-based search systems with real users.

STELLA provides an integrated e-Research environment that allows researchers in the field of information retrieval and recommendation services to conduct studies with real users in real environments. The experimental set-ups differ considerably from classical TREC studies, which can only be carried out offline, or also from user studies, which only allow laboratory experiments, and thus enable researchers to use an evaluation method that was previously reserved only for industrial research or the operators of large online platforms. 

At a Glance

Category Description
Research project STELLA - Infrastructures For Living Labs 
Administration Prof. Dr. Philipp Schaer  Staff page
Faculty Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences  More
Institute Institute of Information Management
Institute of Information Science 
Persons involved Timo Breuer  Staff page
Partners ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences (Bernd Müller)
GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (Dr. Johann Schaible) 
Sponsors DFG - German Research Foundation 
Duration 2018 – 2021