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Migration and Intercultural Competence

Research Center TH Köln
Faculty of Applied Social Sciences
Campus Südstadt
Ubierring 48, 50678 Köln


Prof. Dr. Markus Ottersbach

Angewandte Sozialwissenschaften
Institut für interkulturelle Bildung und Entwicklung (INTERKULT)

  • Campus Südstadt
    Ubierring 48
    50678 Köln
  • Phone: +49 221-8275-3331

Research Center "Migration and Intercultural Competence”

The research center is an interdisciplinary research network that is concerned with questions of migration, internationality and intercultural competence both in theory and in practice. It focuses on the conceptualization, acquisition, organization and implementation of projects in research, development, evaluation, teaching research and practice on the issues mentioned above. In addition to quantitative methods, qualitative methods as well as the intersectional approach are applied in the projects. Apart from implementing projects and disseminating and publishing research results, the tasks of the research center also include organizing international and national conferences, practical advice, transferring research results into teaching, cooperating with scientists in national and international contexts, and promoting and supporting doctoral candidates.