Training the Scientific and Technical Translator - A Coursebook

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Forschungsprojekt Training the Scientific and Technical Translator - A Coursebook 
Leitung Prof. Dr. Monika Krein-Kühle 
Fakultät Fakultät für Informations- und Kommunikationswissenschaften 
Institut Institut für Translation und Mehrsprachige Kommunikation 
Abstract Scientific and technical translation (STT) is still a fairly under-researched area in translation studies. This is in stark contrast to its relevance for the applied side. Therefore, this book project sets out to investigate the conditions and constraints of this translation mode and to develop a sound didactic approach based on a holistic perspective. It will lay the theoretical foundation for STT and will discuss and present the various text genres that are relevant to the profession. From an extra-textual perspective, the aspects of text reception and text production will be investigated within a cognitive framework. Also, research strategies for finding high-quality parallel texts and for searching terminology/phraseology by means of glossaries, the internet, corpora, etc. will be discussed. From a textual perspective, syntactic and suprasentential aspects, lexis, terminology, register, and pragmatic aspects, such as ST defects, content changes and legal considerations, will be considered for each genre. All text examples will be discussed and presented with reference to a wider contextual-situational framework. It is hoped that this book, which is aimed at translator trainers, trainee translators and scholars alike, will fill an apparent gap in didactic publications in the field and increase the visibility of scientific and technical translation as a relevant translation mode from both a societal and applied point of view. 
Fachliche Anbindung Translationswissenschaft, Übersetzungsdidaktik, Fachübersetzen Wissenschaft und Technik (Scientific and Technical Translation, STT)