Young Entrepreneurs in Science: From PhD to Sciencepreneur

Web seminar for PhDs und Postdocs, 03. September 2020

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Discover your entrepreneurial potential! Join our brand-new webinar programme and find answers to the question: How much startup is in your PhD? Explore your entrepreneurial strengths and meet our role models, who share the challenges and opportunities of becoming an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

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Module 1: From PhD to Sciencepreneur

Web seminar for PhDs und Postdocs


  • 03. September 2020




Admission is free and on a first-come first-served basis. Registration


Falling Walls Foundation Falling Walls Young Entrepreneurs in Science

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For PhDs & Postdocs of all disciplines!

Explore your entrepreneurial potential to innovate in our interactive online workshop. Our coaches introduce entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as alternative paths to your academic career. Reflect on your skills together with 20 participants from diverse fields of discipline and meet two role models who tell their stories of founding a startup and becoming a corporate sciencepreneur.

  • Input: Introduction to entrepreneurship und intrapreneurship
  • Peer coaching: How much entrepreneur is in you?
  • Q&A: Meet the role models
  • Networking: Meet other researchers and talk about your professional perspectives after the PhD