Young Entrepreneurs in Science: Your Online Pitch

Web seminar for PhDs und Postdocs, 16. September 2020

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Discover your entrepreneurial potential! Join our brand-new webinar programme and find answers to the question: How much startup is in your PhD? Attend one or more of our two-hour online workshops together with 20 other participants, who are PhDs and Postdocs with innovative ideas – just like you!

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Module 2: Your Online Pitch

Web seminar for PhDs und Postdocs


  • 16. September 2020








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For PhDs & Postdocs of all disciplines!

Your next job interview is via skype, your elevator pitch will be held via zoom? In this two-hour workshop you can learn and practice how to convince recruiters, supporters or investors of your vision and personality. Develop your pitch in front of your webcam and receive feedback from our two coaches and an interdisciplinary team of peers, who are – like you – PhDs or Postdocs with the ambition to innovate.

  • Input: Key principles for a convincing pitch online
  • Exercise: Set the stage, use your voice and practice gestures in a video call setting
  • Feedback: Know how others experience you via the screen and learn from your peers
  • Play: Experiment, push and fail forward!