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Workshops on US Research Funding Opportunities for EU Researchers

Save-the-date for workshops on US research funding opportunities for EU researchers in three European cities: Warsaw - Rome - Lisbon

The Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovaçâo (SPI) would like to take this opportunity to disseminate an event that might be of interest to you and to your network.

They would kindly invite you to the BILAT USA 2.0 Workshops to be held in three European cities (Please save these dates!):

    Warsaw on 5th October;
    Rome on 7th October, and
    Lisbon on 9th October 2015.

These workshops are organized within the BILAT USA 2.0 - a project funded by the European Union under FP7. The main objective of the workshops is to boost EU-US Science and Innovation cooperation. The workshops are addressed to the whole European research community (researchers, research managers and administrators).

Participation in the workshops will be free of charge.

Please find attached flyer for more detailed information regarding the event. Further information on the events, agenda and speakers will be available soon.