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Workshop Englisch: Academic Communication Skills in English for International Students (Level B2)

Workshop, 11. Mai 2019

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You want to know more about academic culture in Germany and English-speaking countries? You want to communicate effectively with your teachers and administrative staff at your university? You want to hone your discussion skills and learn how to prepare effective talks and presentations? In our workshop you will learn how to express yourself precisely and appropriately in academic contexts.

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Workshop Academic Communication Skills in English for International Students (Level B2)
Kennziffer: R2250SS19



  • 11. Mai 2019
  • 09.30 Uhr bis 15.30 Uhr
  • 18. Mai 2019
  • 09.30 Uhr bis 15.30 Uhr


Sprachlernzentrum, Campus Deutz
(Raum wird noch bekannt gegeben)




Workshop Englisch


Marc Abernathy


Verlängerte Anmeldefrist: Die Anmeldung ist zwischen 18.03.2019, 12.00 Uhr und 07.05.2019, 12.00 Uhr online möglich.


Dieser Workshop wird vom Sprachlernzentrum in Kooperation mit dem Referat für Internationale Angelegenheiten der TH Köln durchgeführt. Sprachlernzentrum Internationale Angelegenheiten

Weitere Informationen

On the first day of the workshop (7 class hours) you will analyze communication in academic contexts and discuss critical situations and intercultural differences.
During the e-learning phase (6 class hours) you will prepare simulations of consultation meetings with academics and administrators and talks or presentations on topics of your choice.
On the final day of the workshop (7 class hours) you will give a talk or a presentation, participate in an academic discussion on one of the topics presented and give others feedback on their own talks/presentations. You will simulate different types of consultation meetings and analyze and evaluate these simulations.

Didaktische Prinzipien

• Learner-centered, task-based, monolingual in English, based on authentic communication situations and contexts
• Different social setups
• Based on authentic situations of international students at German universities
• Individual feedback via our learning management system ILIAS


• International students at TH Köln
• Level B2, based on a placement test result or certificate
• Active participation in the workshop