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Thomas Olsson about...

Why do you teach the way you teach? Can you inquire about further possibilities to improve something in your teaching? Is there potential for improvement...?

To answer these questions Prof. Thomas Olsson, PhD, Academic Development Unit, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University (Sweden) held two workshops at TH Köln in October 2015. The following clips provide an insight into his workshops and may inspire you to develop tools for your self-evaluation and the presentation of your teaching achievements by a clear perspective of your teaching efforts and growth.

…the scholarly approach & scholarly teachers.

What is a scholarly approach? And what do scholarly teachers do?

…the scholarly approach & scholarly teacher.

…reward systems: the pedagogical academy.

What is the pedagogical academy at Lund University? Who can apply? How can teachers achieve a reward?

…reward systems: the pedagogical academy.

…teaching portfolios.

How can you write a teaching portfolio? What are the common text components? How can you refer to your own teaching practice?

…the difference between excellent teaching and educational research.

Excellent teaching, scholarly teaching, scholarship of teaching, educational research – what is the difference between these terms and concepts?

…the difference between excellent teaching and educational research.

…pedagogical competence.

Which elements are crucial for pedagogical competence? How do you reflect on your own pedagogical competence?