T-Challenge 2024: AI for telecommunications

Challenge, 02. November 2023

T-Challenge_2024n (Bild: T-Challenge_2024)

The T-Challenge is the stage of Telekom to award promising innovators with a broad network full of opportunities. This year, they're focusing on leveraging AI for telecommunications. It invites developers, researchers and creatives to reveal their visions of a network management and customer experience that are elevated by the power of AI.

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T-Challenge 2024: AI for telecommunications



  • 02. November 2023 bis 26. Januar 2024






T-Challenge 2024


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Ideas have the power to change the world forever. Thoughts that are born inside genius minds can be truly mind-blowing and deserve all the attention in the world. But here’s the twist: if these ideas are not shared, they lose all their power.

That’s why T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom want to make sure great ideas are seen and heard. They set the stage for the greatest talent, brightest minds, and most creative visions, and transform them into real game-changers – by working on them, re-thinking them, and further developing them with a network of experts in the middle of the spotlight.

The T Challenge is the stage to award innovators with the most precious thing they have to offer: an infinite network of opportunities. Because that’s what great ideas deserve.

Are you ready? Then step up to the global stage to present your vision, amplify your positive impact, celebrate your passion for tech and benefit from long-term business opportunities.