KISDtalk: "Securing the Internet of Things: Autonomous Cars and Hardware Trojans"

KISDtalk: Theories and Practice of Design , 15. Januar 2019

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In this public lecture, KISDtalk speaker Christof Paar will elaborate on the opportunities and risks associated with the security of the so-called Internet of Things. The latter is the network of devices such as vehicles and home appliances that contain electronics, software, and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact, and exchange data.

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KISDtalk: "Securing the Internet of Things: Autonomous Cars and Hardware Trojans"

KISDtalk: Theories and Practice of Design


  • 15. Januar 2019
  • 17.30 Uhr bis 19.00 Uhr


KISD – Köln International School of Design, Ubierring 40, 50678 Cologne


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KISDtalks: Theories and Practice of Design


Christof Paar, Ruhr University Bochum


KISD – Köln International School of Design

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The latest evolution of our digital society is often described as the “Internet of Things”. The IoT is characterized by myriads of interconnected devices, ranging from the smart home over medical implants to intelligent factories. An often overlooked aspect of the IoT is that all of these upcoming applications need strong security mechanisms.
KISDtalk guest speaker Christof Paar will provide a case study for securing car2car communication. In the “risk” part of the talk, he will demonstrate the threat posed by malicious manipulations of computer hardware, also known as hardware Trojans.
Christof Paar has the Chair for Embedded Security at Ruhr University Bochum and is affiliated professor at the University of Massachusetts. He is one of the spokespersons of the DFG Cluster of Excellence “Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries”. Christof published more than 200 scientific papers and is co-author of the textbook Understanding Cryptography (Springer).
The talk will be held in English language.

The KISDtalks are a public lecture series on relevant perspectives of design. They give space for an open-minded and profound analysis and reflexion of the manifold issues of design, culture, society, technology, and different scientific disciplines. Topics are interdisciplinary, integrative, and provide internationality by domestic and international speakers.
The talks always take place on the specified dates on a Tuesday at 5:30 pm in the conference room 11 at KISD. The 60-90 minutes-long presentations with “Q&A“ are a public event and free of charge.