Global Teamplayer/ Intercultural Team and Conflict Management

Schlüsselkompetenzen, 12. Juli 2014

In this training, we will look at different stages of the teambuilding process of mixed-cultural teams. The impact of the own cultural imprinting is experienced by dealing with different cultural dimensions. Own stereotypes and prejudices are dealt with, experiencing a simulation game.

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Global Teamplayer/ Intercultural Team and Conflict Management



  • 12. Juli 2014
  • 09.00 Uhr bis 16.15 Uhr


IWZ, ZN 03-06, Campus Deutz




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English understanding and speaking skills at B1 level is required.

 Everyone who wants to become an employee of an international acting company will probably work in mixed-cultural teams. Even people considerating themselves as a tolerant team-player, experience difficulties and conflicts working together with people from other cultures. This experience is normal. Intercultural differences can lead to conflicts, which then block the performance of the team work. Gaining intercultural competence to deal constructively with the differences, is the aim of this training.


  • Developing intercultural competence for the project and conflict management of intercultural teams
  •  Reflecting different ways of perception
  •  Developing empathic communication competence
  •  Develop the ability to deal with unambiguous situations

Credit Points: 3