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STEPsCON 2018 L Teaser (Bild: Marewski)

Scientific Research Topics

1. Resources and Bioremediation

•  Water resources and landfill leachate treatment

•  Material cycles including micropollutants

•  Bioactivity of POP´s and transformation products

•  Ultrasound, analytical method development

•  Separation/Abatement of toxic compounds

•  Fermentation of synthetic products

2. Sustainable Medicine and Virus Technology

•  Next generation vaccines, vaccine development (infectious diseases, cancer)

•  therapeutic antibodies

•  production system for biologics

•  Virus like particles, viral vectors

3. Industrial Biotechnology and Circular Value Creation

•  Biochemical Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering

•  Bioprocesses and catalysis

•  Lignocellulose materials

•  Side streams from industry, saw dust

•  Development of new products

4. Innovative Materials

•  Biobased materials, nanoparticles, polyurethanes

•  Materials and Production technology

•  Regenerated wood

•  Membranes, fibres, coatings

•  Hybrid Materials and Technologies

•  Non-fouling surfaces

•  Agro-based active carbon (forest residues)

•  Active carbon production