B.Sc. Logistics

Step-by-Step Guide for International Students

1.    Choose the modules you would like to enrol for

The module handbook provides you with all the necessary information about your study programme. Consult the study plan to get an overview of the offered modules and the semester in which they take place. Please note that some modules may only be offered in a certain period: 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th semester correspond to the winter and 2nd, 4th, and 6th to the summer term. An English translation and other useful information can be found in the document Overview.

The following two steps are not applicable for the Learning Agreement since timetables are only published one month prior to the beginning of the next semester.

2.    Consult the general timetable

The timetables are normally published one month prior to the beginning of the lectures. Please note that there are several columns corresponding to the semester numbers in the study plan. If you have difficulties recognising the abbreviations in the timetable or need a translation, consult the above-mentioned document.

3.    Create your own timetable

You can choose your lectures from all columns. On the left you see the abbreviations of the lecture, in the middle the lecturers ' last name and on the right the room number. If you would like to attend courses from different columns, please make sure that they do not overlap.

In addition to the obligatory modules there are optional modules, so called electives (Wahlpflichtmodule). Please note that they are offered in certain semesters and that there is a limited number of participants. International students should enquire free capacity by contacting the lecturers via email. You can find their names in the module handbook and their contact details in the official list of staff of the TH Köln.

If you need any further information please consult the official website of the study programme B.Sc. Logistics.