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Office of Student Services

Should you have any questions on the online applications process or your enrollment, please contact the Office of Student Services.

Department of International Affairs

The Department of International Affairs provides advice and support for international students on all aspects related to studying at TH Köln.

Summer semester 2021: TH Köln is now accepting online applications

Prospective first-year students can now apply online for admission to Bachelor's and Master's programs offered in the summer semester 2021.

Applications for admission to Bachelor's and Master’s programs through two separate application platforms

Depending on the type of program, applications for admission in the summer semester 2021 are to be submitted either through TH Köln's online application platform for Bachelor's programs or the online application platform for Master's programs.

All applications are to be submitted through our online application platforms. If additional documents need to be submitted by mail, you will receive relevant information during the online applications process.
All applicants will receive a confirmation email upon submission of their online application.

Applications process for Bachelor's programs with restricted admission

In the summer semester 2021 all Bachelor's programs with restricted admission offered at TH Köln participate in the Dialogue-oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) by Make sure to read the information on the applications process for DoSV programs. 

Please check our Program overview for a list of all programs offered at TH Köln. 

Applicants with international entrance qualifications

For applicants with international entrance qualifications (secondary school diploma, Studienkolleg or international (under)graduate degree) the applications process might be different than for applicants with German qualifications. Follow the link below for more detailed information:
Applying as a degree-seeking student

Have you been offered admission?

Letters of Admission for Bachelor’s programs with unrestricted admission are available for download in the inbox of the online application platform, usually within a few days of submission of the online application. Applicants are also notified by mail. 

If you are applying to a Bachelor's programs with restricted admission, please refer to information on DoSV.

Since the admission procedures for Master’s programs vary considerably, there is no fixed delivery period for Letters of Admission/Rejection for Master’s programs. Applicants to Master’s programs with restricted admission can expect to receive their Letters of Admission/Rejection approx. four weeks after the application deadline. All Letters of Admission/Rejection are delivered by email and are also available for download in the online application platform.

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