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Publishing online for Doctoral Researchers at TH Köln

Publish your research results as an open access publication and get involved in scientific discourse. The university library of TH Köln offers two university servers for publishing electronic documents.

Open Access publication

Writing publications for scientific magazines is part of every doctoral research.

TH Köln gives doctoral researchers the opportunity to publish the results of their doctoral research as an Open Access Publication (link only available in German) in order to take part in scientific discourse.

Should you be interested in publishing your dissertation as part of these series of papers, you can contact the university library (link only available in German). This service is free of charge for all doctoral researchers of TH Köln.

Advantages of online publications:

  • open access
  • optimized visibility
  • recognition from experts and the public
  • higher citation rate
  • faster publication process
  • rights remain with the author(s)
  • long-term availability.

Online publication of your dissertation

Furthermore, there is an option for doctoral researchers of TH Köln to publish their dissertation digitally via the server ePublications (link only available in German). Here, it is possible to publish theses, project reports or digital secondary publications fast and free of charge in order to make them available worldwide. Especially individual publications without any connection to a series of papers are published here. For example, doctoral researchers of TH Köln may publish their doctoral thesis, given the compliance of their supervisors.