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Enrollment as a Doctoral Candidate at TH Köln

Doctoral candidates who execute research projects at TH Köln can benefit from all services for university members

Doctoral candidates who operate in an employment relationship at TH Köln do not have to enroll, while all candidates who are not employed by TH Köln are obliged to enroll at TH Köln. (cf. Guidelines for a good supervision of doctoral candidates, p.13). For doctoral candidates who are not employed by TH Köln, a registration is obligatory as in this case, the candidates automatically possess accident and casualty insurance, while getting the legal status as a doctoral candidate at TH Köln.

Only through enrollment, it is possible to receive a student-ID number as well as access to all services at TH Köln, especially those of the library and the Campus IT. Additionally, doctoral candidates who are enrolled may use the public transport pass and their student card (MultiCa). The enrollment is also required to fully use services of Graduate Center, e.g. travel grants for conferences or workshops, especially designed for doctoral candidates. Doctorates, who have a valid employment contract at TH Köln may use these services without enrollment.

A double matriculation is possible on the part of TH Köln. If you cooperate with another university in North Rhine-Westphalia and already use the public transport pass with help of enrollment at that university, you may claim these costs back with enrollment at TH Köln.

An enrollment at TH Köln is possible, as soon as you have found a supervisor at TH Köln and a second supervisor at the cooperating university. Please contact the respective study office of TH Köln (Südstadt, Deutz/Leverkusen or Gummersbach) for the enrollment. There, you will get all further information and paperwork.

Following certificates and documents are needed for an enrollment:

  • Confirmation of enrollment at the university where the doctoral project is executed or (if not enrolled) an informal statement (e.g. via email) of the supervising professor of the university about the supervision of the doctoral project
  •  A signed supervision agreement with the supervisor at TH Köln about the supervision
  • A copy of your Master certificate
  • The filled in application forms for enrollment at TH Köln and a provision of a MultiCa (passport photo needed). You can find these documents under the following link: Enrollment Documents first Programm Semester                                                                                                                                                                     Please print these forms for your enrollment. In the keytable you can find the required acronyms to fill in the form. Both forms should be filled in completely and  signed. You can mail them to one of the student offices (Südstadt, Deutz/Leverkusen or Gummersbach) or hand them in personally.

A proof of your health insurance and a curriculum vitae (CV) are not needed

A few days after your enrollment, you will receive two separate letters of the Campus IT with your username and password for your CampusID to make use of information technology services of TH Köln.

In this way, you receive access to a personal E-mail address and an own account for the examination and student service online (PSSO). Furthermore, you will get your own student card (MultiCa) via mail such as a payment request for semester fees.

Please note, for a re-registration you will need an up to date confirmation from your supervisor at the university to illustrate the expected ending date for the doctoral project (for once at the beginning of the 4th semester). Alternatively, it is possible to hand in a current certificate of enrollment at the cooperating university for each semester.

Semester fees

Here, you can find the current amount for semester fees at TH Köln

If you cooperate with another university in North Rhine-Westphalia and already use the public transport pass with help of enrollment at that university, these costs will be deducted from the total amount of the semester fees for an enrollment at TH Köln. A requirement is the submission of a current certificate of study at this university in North Rhine-Westphalia of each semester.

If research trips abroad in conjunction with your doctoral project are planned, it is possible to make a request for exemption of the public transport pass at the time of enrollment for this time period. Further information may be requested at Graduate Center of TH Köln and via the following link.


Hint for foreign doctoral candidates

With the help of the platform anabin, you can check if your degree entitles you to do a doctorate. Unfortunately the information is currently only available in German: