Safety First

Stay Safe in Europe (Image: European Emergency Number Association (EENA))

Studying abroad can be a really fun and unique experience. However, critical and unexpected situations cannot always be avoided. Here you will find information in case something happens. In this sense: Have fun, enjoy your time in Cologne and take good care of yourself!


The following emergency numbers apply throughout Germany:

Police: 110

Emergency doctor and fire brigade: 112

If you are looking for medical care from a doctor or hospital, the following links can help you:

doctors [German]
hospitals [German]
dentists [German]

Please always bring your health insurance card with you when visiting a doctor.

If you fall ill on a weekend, you can find out which doctor is on emergency duty at the following telephone numbers:

Medical emergency service: +49 116 117

Dental emergency service Cologne: +49 (0)221 / 29010200

Pharmacies also have an emergency service so that you can also receive medication at night and on weekends. All pharmacies put up posters in their windows to show the nearest emergency pharmacy. You can also ask at:

Pharmacy Emergency hotline: +49 (0)800 / 0022-833

search for pharmacy emergency services