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The Language Partnership is only for students of TH Köln.


Christina Düring

Christina Düring

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Language Partnership

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Your semester abroad is approaching and you would like to improve your language skills? The desired language course is already full? You don't have the time and financing to take a language course abroad? The solution: a flexible and free on-site service!

The language partnership is aimed at students who wish to learn, develop or pass on a new language or existing foreign language skills. The focus is on learning a language together - in mutual exchange, freely and creatively. By working in partnership, the participants gain much more than just language skills: Intercultural exchange gives you new perspectives on other cultures, insider information from your tandem partner as well as helpful tips and hints for a possible stay abroad.

Language partnership - a fall into the unknown?

Certainly not. It is undoubtedly a great challenge to take the learning of another language into your own hands, especially if you are used to learning under the guidance of a teacher. In contrast to typical classroom situations, you learn a foreign language in a one-to-one learning situation with a native speaker and decide for yourself which contents, topics and goals you would like to agree with your language partner.

There are no fixed rules, but a maximum of flexibility and variety; and so the motto "everything is possible" is very popular with students.

Every beginning is difficult. There is no doubt about that. But this should not discourage you. In advance, you should discuss your individual goals and needs with your future language partner in order to get a good start into the language partnership.

For example, you can:

  • practice conversation,
  • talk about selected topics,
  • correct errors,
  • offer suggestions for improvement or
  • carry out joint undertakings

The secret of a successful language partnership lies in the openness with which you pursue your wishes and goals, as well as the regularity with which you meet your language partner.

What happens after my registration?

As soon as we have received your registration, the International Office will select a language partner for you based on your language skills, goals and interests. We will try to respond to your preferences in the registration form. Please understand that this is not always possible in all cases. In addition, you will be included in our e-mail distribution list to be informed about new language offers.

Please note

Participation in the language partnership is free of charge for students of the TH Köln. The personal data requested by you is used exclusively for internal purposes and will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

Certificate of Attandance

Upon request, you can obtain a certificate of attendance. Therefore you need to attend at least three meetings with your language partner during one semester. For this certification you need to hand in three Language-Meeting-Forms, which are signed by both language partners. Once the International Office has received these three documents with original signatures the required certificate will be issued.