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KARIBU means 'Welcome' in Swahili

Feel free to sign up! We are looking forward to welcoming you to KARIBU soon.

Christina Düring

Christina Düring

Hochschulreferat Internationale Angelegenheiten

  • Campus Südstadt
    Claudiusstraße 1
    50678 Köln
  • Room A1.56
  • Phone: +49 221-8275-2122

Kim Lais and Kathrin Vogt
Student Assistants

Campus Südstadt
Room A1.56

  • Phone: +49 221-8275-3223

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Lokale Erasmus+ Initiative

Karibu Orientierungstage (Image: TH Köln / International Office)

KARIBU Buddy Program

Are you from abroad and are about to enroll at TH Köln? Or are you in Cologne already and would like to add an international touch to your life? If that is you, our KARIBU buddy program is just what you are looking for.

Karibu Teaser Karibu Teaser (Image: (Image: International Office)


KARIBU helps create partnerships between students of TH Köln and international students who are about to begin their stay at our university.

Which advantages does KARIBU hold for international students? You…

  • will get to know students of TH Köln and benefit from their advice and support
  • will receive vital information about your stay in Cologne even prior to your arrival
  • will receive support when it comes to navigating your way around your campus and mastering every-day life at our university
  • will be accompanied during your trips to German authorities and will receive assistance when it comes to filling out paperwork
  • are welcome to participate in a number of diverse joint activities

Which advantages does KARIBU hold for students of TH Köln? You…

  • will experience an intercultural and direct exchange with students from all around the globe
  • can get in touch with students from our partner universities, providing you with the perfect way of preparing your own stay abroad
  • will put to use your foreign languages and deepen your knowledge
  • will be able to participate in events with an international flavor
  • will receive a certificate proving your social commitment and voluntary work

Every semester, our KARIBU team offers a variety of cultural activities, providing a perfect setting for students from different countries to get to know one another and socialize in a relaxed environment.

Registering for KARIBU:

You are new at TH Köln and are looking for a Cologne Buddy?!

Registration as International Buddy

You are a student of TH Köln and would like to be a Cologne Buddy for an international student?!

Registration as Cologne Buddy

What happens after you have registered?

As soon as we have gotten your registration, you will receive a confirmation. Our KARIBU Team will choose your buddy based on the interests, languages and degree program you indicated in your registration. We will try to consider your preferences when selecting a buddy. Please understand that we will not always be able to do so. You will also be added to our KARIBU mailing list in order for you to receive information on all upcoming events. 

Participating in the KARIBU program is free of charge. The requested personal information you provide is for internal use only and will not be disclosed to third parties.