Health Insurance for International Students

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All international students need a health insurance for Germany. Please note that a travel health insurance is not sufficient. During the enrollment, you must submit proof of insurance from a statutory/ public health insurance company or proof of exemption from compulsory insurance.

+I would like to insure myself in Germany. What do I have to consider?

In Germany, there are two kinds of health insurance, statutory/public and private. If you would like to be insured in Germany and you are younger than 30 years old, we recommend that you take out statutory/ public health insurance. This insurance currently costs about 90 € per month. Your advantage is: we are sure that you will get a good statutory/ public health insurance. It covers all services and costs that you need during your studies. Large statutory/ public insurance companies are for example AOK, Barmer, DAK or Techniker.

Once you have taken out private health insurance, you cannot return to the statutory/ public health insurance during the course of your studies.

Please be advised that the student health insurance is only valid until the age of 30. If you have not yet finished your studies, you must take out voluntary statutory or private insurance for the rest of your studies. This often goes along with a higher contribution rate. When looking for a private insurance, make sure that the same medical services are covered as with a statutory/ public health insurance.

+I come from a country of the European Union/European Economic Area or Switzerland and am insured there.

If you have health insurance in your home country, you can request a letter of exemption from the German statutory/ public health insurance releasing you from the compulsory insurance. This is particularly recommended for exchange students or students who will keep their domicile abroad. In these cases, it is sufficient to bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and present it to a statutory/ public health insurance company in Germany. The health insurance company will then provide you with a certificate („Versicherungsbescheinigung“), which you must submit during the enrollment. Exchange students can also upload this certificate to Mobility Online.

+I come from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey or Tunesia.

Germany has concluded a bilateral social security agreement with some countries. Please have your health insurance company issue the following document before departure:

• Bosnia-Herzegovina: BH 6
• Macedonia: D/RM 111
• Montenegro: DE/MNE 111
• Serbia: DE 111 SRB
• Turkey: A/T 11
• Tunesia: A/TN 11

In advance, you should find out which medical services are covered in Germany. You then present the above mentioned document to a statutory/ public health insurance company in Germany which will issue an attestation („Versicherungsbescheinigung“), which you must submit during the enrollment.

+I have a foreign health insurance, is it recognised in Germany?

If you have a private health insurance from another country, please check with your insurance company before your stay which medical services are covered in Germany. Once you have arrived in Germany, please visit a German statutory health insurance. They will check whether your insurance has sufficient coverage and if so, they will issue an insurance certificate („Versicherungsbescheinigung“). An enrollment is not possible without this document!

+Further information about health insurance

The Krankenkasse-Zentrale explains the health system in Germany on its websites in 40 languages.