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Digital Alternatives - Fun2Go

Now more than ever! Many leisure activities are now available online. With the offers listed here, we hope that you can pass the time well, especially in the current situation. The Department of International Affairs hopes you enjoy them.

On this page we have compiled interesting, exciting and funny contents for you. The operators of the websites are responsible the content and we take no responsibility for the correctness of the information.

Latest Information on Corona

Kölner Studierendenwerk (KSTW)

You only know the KSTW from your tenancy agreement or the student cafeterias? Then it is definitely worth looking at their website. Due to the current situation, all counselling services for students as well as workshops are hosted online. Just click here and you will find the latest information.

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Current Corona News at TH Köln

Up-to-date is the keyword: What are the latest developments at TH Köln? We advise you to check our FAQs on a regular basis.

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Further Information on Corona

The German government also provides continuously updated multilingual information on Corona topics and the Ethno-Medical Centre e.V. (EMZ) provides leaflets and e-papers with information in 15 different languages.

TH Köln goes Online – Expand Your Horizons and Learn New Skills

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Language Learning Center

Would you like to improve your language skills in English, German as a foreign language or Spanish or learn one of these languages from scratch? TH Köln offers free online language courses to all students and employees. Learn flexibly at home, on the go, during your semester abroad or during the lecture-free period - on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Academy of Continuing Education

If you would like to broaden your education at TH Köln while studying, the courses offered by the Academy of Continuing Education are a must. Webinars allow you to participate comfortably from home.

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Digital Services of the Library

The library offers you a wide range of online resources: Useful tools, extensive subject databases and reference works at a glance.

Fast, Faster, Fastest - Online Sports Activities to Keep You Fit!

Please note: If you suffer an injury while doing sports in your home office, TH Köln does not assume any liability.

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Hochschulsport Köln

Hochschulsport Köln also offers various online courses, for example endurance/cardiovascular training, Yoga and Pilates. Definitely worth taking a look!

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After a long day of learning or working on your laptop, sport is a good change in your everyday life. Why not before dinner? Sport@home broadcasts a 20-minute training session on its social media account from fit.KÖLN every evening at 6:30 pm. The special thing: Cologne celebrities from sports, radio and television will be present. Get ready!

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University Sport Cologne

The university sport is actively online with different home workouts. You can easily integrate the offers into your everyday work and study life in between. Therefore, there are no excuses.

Cologne's Cultural Sites Go Online - Discover New Worlds!

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Cologne City Library

Get free access to the online database of Cologne City Library. You can borrow German and English eBooks and ePapers, stream movies and music for free or learn a new language. To get free access, all you have to do is send an e-mail to . Please include your name, address, telephone number and date of birth.

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You can't get enough of Fine Arts?

View paintings, sculptures and installations online. That is possible through interactive 360-degree videos and complete "tours" with voice-over descriptions, including slide shows with zoomable photos of the world's greatest works of art.

This and That – Expand Your Portfolio!

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Gain skills online with free courses from top universities and companies worldwide. Take a look at Coursera. For example, Yale University offers courses on "Financial Markets" or "The Science of Well-Being" and Stanford University offers "Cryptography I". There is something for everyone!

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Flexible Learning of the German Language

Learn German flexibly! At Deutsche Welle - the international broadcaster of the Federal Republic of Germany- you can learn German free of charge. You can choose between beginner and advanced courses. Discover the German language via e-learning on the computer, with videos, audios or podcasts.

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TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

Short presentations in less than 20 minutes. You decide which topic you would like to know about and in which language. The focus lies on spreading ideas about science, business and global issues. What would you like to talk about in the future?

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vhs Learning Portal

The vhs (adult education centre) also offers the opportunity to learn German. The portal offers free German courses from levels A1-B1 and B2 Job.

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Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

The Erasmus Student Network offers you a wide range of digital activities and possibilities to interact with other students. With ErasmusAtHome it is also possible to do community volunteering from home. Have a look!

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Ali Can - VielRespektZentrum

Ali Can is a social activist, author and director of the VielRespektZentrum, which was founded in Essen in 2019. He deals with intercultural issues and fights for a better coexistence in our society. On his website you can find links to his talk show on YouTube, among other things. Just have a look!

Podcasts and Media Libraries

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Fest & Flauschig

Fest und Flauschig is probably the best known and perhaps most popular podcast in Germany - for advanced learners of German. Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz talk about everything and nothing and during the Corona crisis almost every day.

Podcast (Image: Internationale Angelegenheiten/ K. Strumpf)

Mixed Hack

A Berlin rapper, who grew up without a mother and in poorer circumstances, and an East Westphalian, son of a doctor and trained journalist, talk about current world events and give life hacks in every episode.

Podcast (Image: Internationale Angelegenheiten/ K. Strumpf)


Funny podcast from Laura Larsson and Ariana Baborie. It is about general topics, world affairs and personal experiences of the two presenters.

Mediathek (Image: Internationale Angelegenheiten/ K. Strumpf)

Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle offers a wide variety of podcasts. Take a listen.

Radio (Image: Internationale Angelegenheiten/ K. Strumpf)


Deutschlandradio offers everything on the channels "Deutschlandfunk", "Deutschlandfunk Kultur" and "Deutschlandfunk Nova" podcasts from science, philosophy magazines and podcasts for a younger target group.

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ARD Audio Library

Thrillers, podcasts, comedy, documentaries, lullabies and much more: the ARD Audiothek offers the best audio entertainment.

TV_Mediathek (Image: Internationale Angelegenheiten/ K. Strumpf)

Media Libraries of ARD, ZDF and ARTE

You can find videos and live streams of the ARD, ZDF and ARTE in their respective media library. In addition, it's worth watching "Funk", the joint YouTube channel of ARD and ZDF.

Party Online!

Party (Image: Internationale Angelegenheiten/ K. Strumpf)

Berlin's Club Culture with United We Stream

Here you can party in your favourite Berlin Club - and support the operators at the same time.

Party (Image: Internationale Angelegenheiten/ K. Strumpf)


Streams and recordings of living room concerts, DJ sets, readings and much more...

Kultur (Image: Internationale Angelegenheiten/ K. Strumpf)

Do you like to sing?

If this is the case, "the North sings" may just be the right thing for you!